Trade & Economy Series (Consolidated Volume)


Trade & Economy Series (Consolidated Volume)

Trade & Economy Series (Consolidated Volume)

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Volume IV    Mark CB    Catalogue No.4051    Year 2004

Convention between the Government of Japan and the Government of the United States of America for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Income

Volume IV    Mark CB-A    Catalogue No.4082    Year 2004

Law concerning Special Measures, etc. of Inheritance Tax Law Incidental to Enforcement of Convention between Japan and U.S. for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Estates, Inheritances and Gifts

Volume V    Mark AA    Catalogue No.5010    Year 2020

Foreign Exchange & Foreign Trade Law

Volume V    Mark ACA    Catalogue No.5020    Year 2020

Order of the Council for Customs and Foreign Exchange, etc.

Volume V    Mark AFa    Catalogue No.5031    Year 1994

Basic Rate and Cross Rate of Foreign Exchange

Volume V    Mark AFc    Catalogue No.5034    Year 1994

Buying and Selling Rates of Foreign Exchange for U.S. Forces or U.N. Forces

Volume V    Mark AIC    Catalogue No.5053    Year 2020

Ministerial Ordinance concerning Reports of Foreign Exchange Transactions, etc., 2020 edition

Volume V    Mark AJ    Catalogue No.5060    Year 2020

Export Trade Control Order

Volume V    Mark AJC    Catalogue No.5063    Year 2020

Designation, pursuant to Provisions of Attachment 2, Column 42 of the Export Trade Control Order, of the Goods to Infringe on Patent Right, Design Right, Trademark Right, or Copyright in the Country of Destination

Volume V    Mark AL    Catalogue No.5070    Year 2020

Export Trade Control Regulation

Volume V    Mark AN    Catalogue No.5090    Year 2014

Cabinet Order concerning Control of Import Trade

Volume V    Mark ANh    Catalogue No.5098    Year 2014

Cases where a person consigned import from another who has obtained import quota may get approval by license of import for importing said goods without obtaining confirmation of the Minister of Economy Trade and Industry

Volume V    Mark AO    Catalogue No.5100    Year 1991

Regulation for Control of Import Trade, 1991 edition

Volume V    Mark AR    Catalogue No.5130    Year 2021

Foreign Exchange Order, 2021 edition

Volume V    Mark AS    Catalogue No.5219    Year 1999

Ministerial Ordinance concerning Foreign Exchange, 1999 edition

Volume V    Mark ASB    Catalogue No.5222    Year 1981

Ministerial Ordinance concerning Control of Invisible Transaction relating to Foreign Trade, 1981 edition

Volume V    Mark BA    Catalogue No.5300    Year 1990

Japan External Trade Recovery Organization Law (JETRO LAW), 1990 edition

Volume V    Mark JA    Catalogue No.5560    Year 1995

Export and Import Trading Law, 1995 edition

Volume V    Mark MI    Catalogue No.5595    Year 1990

Export Inspection Law, 1990 edition

Volume V    Mark NA    Catalogue No.5600    Year 1992

Trade Insurance Law

Volume V    Mark NB    Catalogue No.5601    Year 1992

Trade Insurance Law Enforcxement

Volume V    Mark P    Catalogue No.5620    Year 1995

Export Commodity Design Law, 1995 edition

Volume VI    Mark AA    Catalogue No.6000    Year 2017

Bank of Japan Law

Volume VI    Mark BA    Catalogue No.6050    Year 2018

Banking Law

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